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Rachel Staggs Aesthetics is an award winning medi spa located within Roko Health Club Chiswick Bridge.

We offer the most advanced non surgical and non invasive face and body contouring treatments.  Rachel and her team are always on hand to tailor design the perfect plan to ensure you always look the best version of you.

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Rachel Staggs

Rachel Staggs Advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments

Rachel is renowned for her expertise in advanced non surgical aesthetic treatments delivered with a holistic approach.

For over 23 years Rachel’s reputation for exceptional customer care has provided peace of mind, allowing you to relax as she works her magic.

Rachel’s wealth of knowledge and commitment to her clients combine to bring you the certainty that she and her team are on hand to make the very best of you when it matters most.

With beauty industry science and techniques advancing rapidly Rachel takes pride in ensuring the latest and most effective treatments and products are tailored to your unique and specific needs.

Sacha Campbell

Sacha Campbell Beauty Therapist

Sacha has been a beauty therapist for 22 years, she qualified from Kingston College in 1998 with a BTEC in Beauty Therapy. Her first job was alongside Rachel where they formed a tight friendship that is still going strong. Sacha has worked with Rachel on and off over the years based in various Richmond Based Salons.

Sacha then went on to spend 4 years working for Benefit Cosmetics as a Head Brow Expert. She also managed her own store for 2 years and worked alongside the events team in covering London Fashion Week.

Sacha has been working for Rachel since May 2014 where she has helped Rachel make The Balcony and now Rachel Staggs Aesthetics develop into a salon where clients can rest assured they are in the best hands, with premium quality treatments and great customer service.

Sacha is a great all round therapist, her experience enables her to put her hand to everything she does with great gusto. Although she very much an established therapist with great all round skills she does particularly enjoy doing manicures, pedicures, lash lifting and brows. I think this shows her great attention to detail and her slight obsession with perfection.

Fouzia Bouznate

Fouzia Bouznate Beauty Therapist

Fouzia is originally from Casablanca, Morocco and has been living in London for over 20 years. She started her Holistic therapy journey in 1999 when she trained and qualified in a number of alternative therapies including  reflexology, deep tissue, and Thai massage.

She is a VTCT qualified practitioner with 14 years’ experience working in various establishments in London. Fouzia is a warm and caring individual and loves nothing more than seeing her clients fully relaxed and energised after treatment.  

She loves using her unique holistic approach to achieve health and harmony for the mind and body which promotes self-healing.

Dr Harriet Jenkins

Dr Harriet Jenkins Botox & Fillers

Dr Harriet Jenkins is a qualified medical doctor specialising in aesthetic treatments alongside working as an Anaesthetist in the NHS. Dr Harriet also works at Harley Academy and The Academy Clinic as a Clinical mentor and trainer. 


Dr Harriet’s aesthetic practice focuses on personalised bespoke treatments that ensure natural-looking results, leaving patients feeling refreshed, restored and rejuvenate.

Kiri Rose

Kiri Rose Lash Specialist

Kiri is a Champneys Trained Beauty Therapist who specialises in Eyelash Treatments because she believes lashes are the key to reducing your daily makeup routine and enabling you to wake up feeling beautiful and confident!

She has trained with leading brands Lash Perfect, London Lash Pro and Flawless Lashes by Loretta and offers a range of lash services that are tailored to suit and compliment your individual eye

Amanda Kerr

Amanda Kerr Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Mind Coach

Amanda Kerr joins our team as a Hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and Mind Coach with over a decade of experience and success working with hundreds of clients. She has trained with internationally acclaimed hypnotherapist, Marisa Peer, and uses her Rapid Transformational Therapy alongside other techniques.

She helps people to overcome a whole range of issues from bad habits, smoking, insomnia and phobias to addictions, anxiety, depression, unexplained infertility and chronic pain. She is also a Hypnobirthing practitioner.

Amanda uses a combination of strategies and therapies tailored to each individual client. Her techniques enable clients to quickly make long-lasting changes to their lives, usually in as little as 1-3 sessions.

She offers a free 20-minute consultation where you can discuss your presenting issue in more detail and to find out more about how Amanda would work with you. She’ll also give you an idea of how many sessions you will need.

Amanda is extremely passionate about her work and is totally committed, giving 100% to each and every client so that they are able to achieve their desired outcome.

Moitza Kobi

Moitza Kobi Homeopath

Moitza Kobi, BSc (Hons) RSHom, is a registered homeopath. She completed her studies at the Centre for Homeopathic Education, and continues to work with the centre within their student clinic.
She has a particular interest in female health and the role of hormones in related health conditions; through her practice, she has helped women to manage the symptoms of menopause without the need for HRT or additional medication.

Homoeopathy is a holistic system of complementary medicine developed in the 19th century by Dr Hahnemann. This system considers the physical, mental and emotional symptoms to provide the most precise and appropriate remedy to treat the person as a whole.

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Cortisol is a hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands and released into your blood, which means it travels all around your body and is absorbed by every cell.
Cortisol is a hormone that can be classified as a stress hormone.
As humans, we encounter stress every day. We need cortisol and adrenalin to fuel the – fight or flight process. It keeps us out of danger but also has a negative impact on our health and well-being.
Cortisol and acute inflammation are part of our natural immune system response and are controlled and regulated by your body. With an elevated level of cortisol over a prolonged period of time, our immune systems become compromised and inflammation can spiral out of control. Excess stress hormones can affect blood sugar, metabolism, water balance and so have many implications on the body including weight gain, stubborn fat, mood swings, and a series of skin conditions.
How do we control this?
Practice self-care and mindfulness to reduce stress. This is much easier said than done for a lot of people — but I can’t stress enough the importance of you indulging in a little time for yourself.
I recently heard someone sum it up perfectly. 
“Put on your own oxygen mask first - Practice SELFCARE and then let others in your life benefit from the overflow”
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Practice gratitude and journey
Try a short 15-minute meditation – find one you like
Spend time in nature
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