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Loose, Crepey Skin

Loose, Crepey Skin

Thin, wrinkled, saggy skin that appears due to ageing, sun damage, or loss of collagen and elastin fibres in the skin

Loose, Crepey Skin

What is it?

Loose, crepey skin is a condition characterised by skin that has lost its elasticity and appears thin, wrinkled, and saggy. The skin may have a texture similar to crepe paper, hence the name 'crepey' skin. It is skin that has lost its elasticity and doesn't quite spring back how it used to. This condition can affect any part of the body but is particularly noticeable on the face, neck, and upper arms.

What Causes it?

There are many things that can cause the skin to appear loose and crepey. It is often a combination of ageing, genetics, hormones, and the long-term effects of sun damage. Losing volume under the skin often results in a crepey and sagging appearance. This can be due to weight loss or just a part of the natural ageing process as the skin loses its supporting structure as a person ages. When the skin is allowed to become dry and dehydrated, this can also cause it to look crepey.



What Can You Do To Help Naturally?

If you're concerned about the appearance of loose, crepey skin, there are several day-to-day actions you can take to help improve your skin's look and feel. Firstly, protecting your skin from UV exposure by wearing sunscreen or staying in the shade can help prevent damage to the skin's collagen and elastin fibres. Secondly, staying hydrated can help the skin stay plump and healthy. Avoiding smoking, which can damage the skin, is another important step. Regular exfoliation and massage with a medical-grade product can also help improve the texture and tone of the skin. By taking these simple steps, you can help keep your skin looking and feeling its best.


Can you get rid of loose, crepey skin?

There are lots of things you can do non-surgically to improve skin that has lost its elasticity. There are treatments specifically designed to rebuild the collagen from the inside out to provide a tightening and contouring effect.

Is loose, crepey skin a normal part of ageing?

Yes. Loose, crepey skin is a normal part of the ageing process as the skin looses elasticity and collagen over time.

Can weight loss cause loose, crepey skin?

Yes, rapid weight loss or fluctuations in weight can cause the skin to lose elasticity and become loose and saggy.

Are there any treatments for loose, crepey skin?

Yes, there are several treatments available for loose, crepey skin, including topical treatments, cosmetic procedures, and non-invasive skin-tightening devices.

Can loose, crepey skin be prevented?

While it cannot be prevented entirely, protecting the skin from UV exposure, staying hydrated, and avoiding smoking can help slow down the process of developing loose, crepey skin.

Which areas of the body are most commonly affected by loose, crepey skin?

Loose, crepey skin can affect any part of the body, but it is most commonly seen on the face, neck, upper arms, and tummy.

Are there any lifestyle changes that can help improve the appearance of loose, crepey skin?

Yes, making lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy diet, staying hydrated, exercising regularly, and not smoking can help improve the appearance of loose, crepey skin.

Our Approach

As RSA, we are leaders in non-surgical and non-invasive skin tightening. Regardless of what area of the face or body, or indeed what has contributed to causing the problem, our team are on hand to help you improve the quality of your skin. We work with FDA-approved, award-winning devices so we can deliver the best results without surgery.

Treatments We Offer That Help With Loose Skin

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  • WOW Fusion

    An innovative needling device that allows us to create bespoke skincare cocktails to treat your skin

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  • Plasma Elite

    A non-invasive treatment and perfect solution to treat loose skin around the eye area and hooded eyelids

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  • Venus Viva (Face)

    Radiofrequency treatment for anti-ageing is non-invasive and pain-free

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