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Stretch Marks

Stripes that appear on the skin when stretched, typically caused by rapid weight gain or growth during puberty/pregnancy

Stretch Marks

What Are They?

Stretch marks (or striae) are a type of scarring that occur when the skin is stretched or rapidly expanded beyond its normal capacity. They typically appear as long, narrow streaks or lines on the skin and can vary in colour from red or purple to silver or white. They commonly appear on areas of the body that are prone to rapid growth or weight gain, such as the abdomen, thighs, hips, buttocks, and breasts. While stretch marks are not harmful to your health, they can be a cosmetic concern for some people and may impact their confidence and self-esteem.

What Causes Them?

Stretch marks usually happen when someone gains a lot of weight rapidly, such as during growth spurts in adolescence or during pregnancy. Times of intense stress, and the use of medication that can impact weight, are also triggers as this is often when there is an increase in cortisone, which reduces the skin's pliability.



What Can You Do To Help Naturally?

Ensuring that your skin tissue is in optimum health can help prevent stretch marks. Keeping the skin hydrated, collagen levels abundant, and eating healthily to keep weight under control will all help to limit damage to your skin tissue. Gently massaging the skin to keep blood flowing to the areas of concern will also ensure optimum skin health.


What are the common symptoms of stretch marks?

Stretch marks appear as reddish purple lesions or silvery, shiny lines on the skin which can vary in length and width. In some cases, people may experience an itchy sensation over the affected area. While stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, they are most commonly found on the tummy, breasts, hips, and other areas that are prone to rapid growth or weight gain.

Can I treat stretch marks?

As stretch marks are a form of scarring – and for a lot of clients, have been there a long time – they can be difficult to remove completely. However, there are a lot of treatments that can help repair and improve the skin tissue.

Are stretch marks preventable?

While it may not be possible to completely prevent stretch marks, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of developing them. These include maintaining a healthy weight, staying hydrated, eating a nutritious diet, and exercising regularly.

Are stretch marks harmful to your health?

No, stretch marks are not harmful to your health and do not pose any health risks. However, they can be a cosmetic concern for some people and may affect their self-confidence.

Can stretch marks be treated?

There are several treatments available for stretch marks, including topical creams, skin resurfacing treatments, and microneedling. While these treatments may not completely eliminate stretch marks, they can help reduce their appearance.

Our Approach

At RSA, we work with our clients on all things related to skin. And because we believe in a 360-degree approach to our skin care, this means that we are doing everything to take care of our skin from within, not just the face and the bits you can see. Our skincare plans include assessment of the body, so if stretch marks are a concern for you, we can help.

Treatments We Offer That Help With Stretch Marks

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  • WOW Fusion

    An innovative needling device that allows us to create bespoke skincare cocktails to treat your skin

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  • Plasma Elite

    A non-invasive treatment and perfect solution to treat loose skin around the eye area and hooded eyelids

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