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Ageing is a fact of life looking your age is not! 5 Top Tips

Ageing is a fact of life looking your age is not! 5 Top Tips

Getting older is inevitable however, how our skin ages is a something we DO have control over.

Getting older is inevitable however, how our skin ages is a something we DO have control over. Devising a good skincare routine (and sticking to it), keeping out of the sun and eating a balanced diet are just a few things that promote a youthful complexion. If you want to delay accelerated skin ageing and radiate luminosity, here are 5 top tips to help you on your way.

1) Overexposure to the sun

We all like to have a little colour in our complexion. However, too much UVA and UVB exposure will break down the collagen and elastin in our skin tissue causing premature wrinkles and pigmentation, making us look old before our time - opt for a fake tan to add the bronzed goddess into your life. I recommend the Leighton Denny face tan as it is a treatment for the skin as well as tan when applied - no mess, no fuss and no odour - so no one needs to know your secret! Don't forget to apply to the chest area and behind your ears if you wear your hair up!

2) Stress

Stress can take a major toll on your body, not just impacting your health but also your complexion. The more stress you’re under, the more likely you are to suffer from a disrupted sleeping pattern, poor appetite and increased blood pressure. Furthermore, stress can cause raised levels of inflammation, which in turn can accelerate the ageing process. To alleviate stress, try participating in transcendental meditation. I can highly recommend Andre Berry who taught me TM. He now runs online Zoom courses and daily meditation practices - so there is no excuse!!!

3) Not getting your eight hours 

Ideally, you need around eight hours of sleep each night for your body to function at its peak. Getting too little sleep can weaken your immune system and result in sallow skin. Your body does most of its building and repairing whilst you sleep so this means more sleep = plumper skin. (However, ensure you don’t spend too long sleeping on one side of your face as this can promote wrinkles :) Purchase smooth silk pillowcases or an alternative soft fabric to prevent this)
I would also highly recommend you take up Yin Yoga Nidra if you struggle with sleep. My yoga teacher Frankie Arpino offers amazing classes which are now also available online through our virtual wellness centre. Contact us for more details.

4) Neglecting your eyes

The skin around your eyes is extremely thin and is prone to dryness and fine lines, as there are no oil glands here. To counteract this, use a nourishing eye cream and preferably one with a SPF to protect that delicate skin. I recommend the Alumier MD eye duo combo with alumieye eye cream during the day and retinol eye cream at night. This fab combination is like Botox in a bottle. You can contact us for a zoom consultation to get the best skin care plan or view Alumier MD skincare here using our unique reference code.

5) Watch your intake

We all know that a balanced diet and lots of water reflect hugely on what we see on the skin surface. But how about considering a nutraceutical supplement??? Something that is clinically proven to improve the internal functions of our body resulting in an improvement in Hyaluronic acid and collagen levels. Read my blog post on Totally Derma here….