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Are our phones damaging our skin?

Are our phones damaging our skin?

Over use of your mobile phone could be damaging your skin.

Is Blue Light Harming our Skin?

We all spend a tremendous amount of time on one device or another. These devices produce a blue light which had the same affect on our skin as the daylight that wakes you first thing in the morning which is why we struggle to sleep when using devices before bed. There is an increased amount of research that suggests overuse of your mobile phone could be damaging your mental health but what if I told you it could also be damaging your skin???? Using your mobile ages you......

Blue light (also referred to as High Energy Visible or HEV light) poses potential skin harm via free radical production. The blue light actually has the capability to penetrate to our dermis and affect our fibroblasts and collagen production and produce premature ageing the same way as UVA and UVB rays do.....resulting in lines and wrinkles.

Blue light is also thought to contribute to ageing, by stimulating the cells that induce pigmentation, and of course by disturbing our beauty sleep by keeping our mind too active, resulting in poor quality or too little sleep.

Further to that, there is new research that suggests that using your phone later in the day can throw the skin cells out of sync, causing them to think it’s still day time - and not allowing them to repair as they should do at night time........

What can we do?????........

Antioxidants are a must - they help to neutralise the free radicals that build up on our skin through overuse of many external factors, and the blue light is one. Look out for my blog post about more on this subject coming shortly.

Get yourself a blue light shield.

Most mobile phones have the ability to switch off the blue light and emit a softer light (usually this is the nighttime mode)

I am not going to suggest you throw your mobile phone under a bus immediately but maybe we could all do with considering our usage and the impact it is having on us - I have recently researched this subject a lot and will be starting a mobile phone detox on 1st March to reassess my relationship with my mobile devices.

Fancy joining me???? I will be running this through my FB group Skin School by Rachel Savage, so pop over, join, and see what it’s all about...