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Dermaplaning – Does it make your hair stand on end?

Dermaplaning – Does it make your hair stand on end?

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning – Does it make your hair stand on end? It did for me, for many many years. I know that it is impossible for the hair to grow back worse because I understand the science of the hair, but yet the thought of it made me shudder. Until one day I decided that everyone is raving about it and for the sake of research for my clients I had to give it a go…….

And, I have never turned back - I am now a total dermaplaning convert and here is why…..

How does it work?

The exfoliating treatment works by scraping dead cells (and fine hairs aka peach fuzz) from the skin's surface with a surgical scalpel, moving the tool slowly across the face. It’s an instant skin refresh. How? The build-up of dead skin can make for a 'dull' complexion and encourage breakouts (from clogged pores and blocked hair follicles). Hair-removal is sort of a side note, the real resolution is fresher feeling skin, from the exfoliating cleanse.

How will my skin look?

Pretty great, pretty fast. You are likely to experience a little redness at first, and your skin may feel drier than usual for a few days, but the downtime post-treatment is seriously minimal. So much so, you could head for a treatment on your lunch break, and be back at work – around 40 minutes later – looking extra glowy. Do make sure to layer up the sun cream though – after exfoliation, your skin is especially susceptible to sun damage.

How long do the results last?

For quite a few weeks, actually I would say up to 6. Dermaplaning can remove weeks worth of dead skin cells, meaning a long glow should follow. If you’re skincare obsessed and crave that constant glow, then this is the best bit: removing dead cells means products can be absorbed deeper and more easily into the skin's surface and makeup will apply more evenly. Dermaplaning is also the perfect prep for many skin treatments under the right guidance. Check out the WOW facial - a hyper-personalised skin treatment available at my skin clinic, Rachel Staggs Aesthetics in Chiswick West London.

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