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Don't forget to "Eat your water"...

Don't forget to "Eat your water"...

Would you like to start looking, living and feeling younger this spring?

Would you like to start looking, living and feeling younger this spring?

With Spring fast approaching us its time to revaluate our skincare. Many people do not change their products for years on end -as a skincare specialist this is one piece of advice I give to every client - your wardrobe changes seasonally to protect your body against the elements so why shouldn’t your skincare.

Each and every day of the year there is an external element that causes damage to our skin and customising our skincare and beauty regime is the best way to ensure our complexion remains in tip-top condition.

Adjusting your skincare seasonally is the first step towards the latest trend in the beauty industry and that is connect beauty. A completely unique concept developed by Dr Howard Murad which works on fully personalising your beauty and skincare regime from the inside out.

At both my salons I exclusively offer the Murad Method - which is an entirely personalised system designed to promote the whole-person wellbeing. Every client is unique and so should their treatments be.

Each treatment begins with an in-depth skin analysis, evaluation of emotional self-care to rate stress, sleep and nutrition and an elevated massage technique to enhance overall wellness.

At the end of each Murad Method treatment, every client is gifted with a at-home prescription, personalised nutritional programmes with relevant recipes to combat their primary skin concern and also an inspiration card to encourage emotional self-care.

Top tips for Spring/Summer skincare -

  • SPF is something we have all heard of - it's the rating that protects your skin against the UVB (shortwave) rays that cause burning of the skin and cancer. Legally companies have to provide an SPF in suncare.
  • But what about the PA rating??? This is what protects us against the UVA rays, these are the ones that cause pigmentation and ageing of the skin. No one wants skin cancer, but no one wants to look old either - so always look for a sun product that contacts both SPF and PA rating to ensure you are fully protected at all times.
  • I love Murad's award-winning Invisiblur perfecting shield - its a 5 in 1 multi-purpose product that contains SPF 30, PA rating *** to provide ultimate protection with the effects of a cosmetic primer - refining pores, plumping lines to give a smooth and radiant appearance every application.
  • Eat your water - it is a proven fact that your body absorbs water better when it is eaten - so to enhance the water content in your skin to keep everything fully hydrated over the warmer months make sure your diet is high in watermelon, spinach, cucumber, orange.
  • Get outside exercise, yoga, breathing in the fresh air and regularly having “me” time is up there with one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Make those changes today.