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Facial Yoga

Facial Yoga

I love to learn new things - so when I came across facial yoga I had to give it a go!

During the most recent lockdown, I was totally losing the will to live.... the nights were long, days were short and there was nothing to make me want to go outside and do my previous 15,000 steps per day.

I spent a lot of time reading, doing puzzles, studying for my COVID vaccination course and researching the latest aesthetics and wellness trends.

I love to learn new things and when I came across facial yoga I had to give it a go... it looked fun, the benefits seemed worthwhile but was it actually going to deliver results????

Whilst I had time on my hands I undertook a beginners course and was pleasantly surprised how quickly I got the hang of it and also how quickly I saw improvements.

Whilst I had kept up a good skincare regime over the past year and the overall texture was in relatively good condition, the other side, my regular bespoke facials, Venus legacy radiofrequency treatments and A-lift nonsurgical facelift had been non-existent - I really had noticed a change to my jawline, cheekbone definition and brow lift. Everything had started to drop a little.....

This seemed like a good pick me up.

I started the course at the end of Feb and to begin with, I was skeptical!!!!

However I was soon pleasantly surprised - the contours of my face started to lift and my droopy face started to look better.

I really felt that it was working to give me face the boost it really needed.

I have always worked hard on my skin and facial contours with lots of regular treatment so guess my muscles would be pretty receptive after all your skins and muscles do have memory...

Not only did I see a visible difference I really felt a huge release of tension in my face and found it incredibly relaxing - I am pretty sure if you were a regular headache/migraine sufferer this would really help.

I definitely plan to keep up my facial yoga alongside my facial treatments as can totally see how this facial yoga compliments the effects of any skincare and facial plan.

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