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 Fast-Track Your Healing Journey Post-Surgery

Fast-Track Your Healing Journey Post-Surgery

with Dermalux at Rachel Staggs Aesthetics

Don't Leave it to Time to Heal Scars

Scars and wound healing post-surgery, whether it's a necessary procedure or a choice for cosmetic enhancement, often become a significant part of the recovery narrative.

At Rachel Staggs Aesthetics, your journey towards smooth, minimally visible scar healing begins under the gentle yet powerful embrace of light with the Dermalux Tri Wave MD.


Understanding the Magic Behind Light Healing


When we talk about LED Phototherapy, particularly the remarkable Dermalux, it’s all about translating the purity and therapeutic power of light to expedite the skin’s natural healing process post-surgery.

This non-invasive, soothing, and safe treatment uses wavelengths to energize your skin cells, boosting their inherent ability to heal and regenerate.


Embracing the Dermalux Difference


Dermalux is renowned for its Tri-Wave MD technology, a bespoke blend of three clinically-proven wavelengths, each addressing a distinct skin need:

Blue 415nm: An antibacterial light reducing inflammation and acne.

Red 633nm: Encouraging collagen production and enhancing circulation, it brings forth a youthful glow.

Near Infrared 830nm: A specialized light that dives deep into skin layers to stimulate wound healing and calm irritation.

The truly bespoke approach of Dermalux allows the treatment to offer one, two, or all three lights simultaneously, ensuring your skin receives exactly what it needs at every step of the healing process.


Embarking on Your Post-Surgical Recovery with Dermalux


Surgery, while it may be a pathway to transformation or healing, brings with it the concern of visible scars and prolonged recovery.

Choosing Rachel Staggs Aesthetics for your Dermalux treatment isn’t just opting for a procedure—it's choosing a sanctuary where your skin and its healing is our priority.

With over 25 years in the aesthetics realm and a specialization in advanced skincare procedures, we are dedicated to ushering you through a journey of rejuvenation and swift recovery.

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Accelerate your healing journey with our Dermalux LED Phototherapy at Rachel Staggs Aesthetics, expertly tailored to enhance your post-surgery recovery and skin rejuvenation. Reach out to us now and step into a world where innovative light technology meets dedicated, personalized care, illuminating your path to visibly radiant, restored skin.