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How to rock the "no make up make up" look this summer...

How to rock the "no make up make up" look this summer...

Whether for a long hot day in the city or a beach club in Ibiza everyone wants to perfect the 'no make up make up look'.

The No Make-Up Look

Whether it is for a long hot day in the city or a funky beach club in Ibiza everyone wants to perfect the 'no-makeup makeup look'.

Perfect pore-free, sun-kissed skin, beautiful natural lashes and brows luminosity and highlighter in all the right areas are the best places to start.

When my clients are prepping for their holidays I always make lashes and brows a top priority - lash lifting and tinting is the most effective way to create no-fuss, maintenance-free definition for your eyes.

Eyelash extensions come with many hindrances - once the lash lift is done, it's done you do not need to think about infills, what you can and can't use on them or what to do when you lose one and they start to go wonky!!!!

This treatment really is a must for amazing lashes all summer long.

As we all know eyebrows can make or break any look!!!! Done well brows should discretely frame the eye creating an overall polished finish to any makeup look.

My favourite brow product to create the 'no makeup make up' look is the Delilah brow shape - it is a lightweight tinted brow gel in two colours. It has the ideal brush to shape and sculpt your brows leaving them perfectly groomed and naturally defined.

Its smudge-proof formula makes it a must to create that natural look whatever the occasion.

Last but not least on the key things to perfect that 'no-makeup makeup look' is a pore-free, shine-free, sun-kissed complexion.

I recommend the new clear, scent-free Aurum spray tan to give that lightly bronzed colour to any skin - say goodbye to those horrible streaky, messy tans where you can't leave the house for hours and hello to the most convenient spray tan I have ever used.

It really does work with your own skin tone to create a colour which enhances every skin type.

For a pore-free, shine-free and even complexion why not try the new Murad Matt Effect Blotting Perfector? This revolutionary product contains marshmallow powder and what is different about this ingredient to many others I have tried is that it absorbs oil but not water so leaves the skin suitably matt but not dehydrated - music to my ears!

This is in a compact so easy to use anywhere, anytime and can be used alone or over makeup making it an incredibly versatile product.


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