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INSTAGRAM LIVE with Georgie Swallow and Rhian Jones

Talking all things Menopause, skincare and natural HRT

360-degree approach to our skincare

Tuesday 18th April at 7pm

At RSA we believe in a 360-degree approach to our skincare programmes. Meaning that although we are totally confident in the treatments and products we work with, we want to ensure our clients achieve the best results and this means working from all angles. Internally and externally.

We advocate that to get the best out of what we offer in clinic, our clients can enhance the results through what they do physically and mentally.

As part of our service at RSA, we have worked tirelessly to source some of the best partners to ensure we can provide that all-around approach. 

I am lucky enough in my job to meet many wonderful people and Georgie is one of them.

Georgie is a blood cancer survivor twice over who shares her experience with life after cancer, early menopause, body confidence & mental health on social media. She has made it her mission to help others not feel alone in their struggles & to raise awareness of topics that are usually taboo.

Georgie and I met by chance at ROKO and had an hour together discussing all things skin and menopause. 

Another wonderful person I have the fortune to work with is Rhian Jones. Rhian is a renowned naturopath with a wealth of experience in natural HRT and women’s health.

With menopause, well-being and natural health a priority for many women I know, what better combination than getting these two wonderful humans together to discuss all things menopause, skin and natural health.

We would love for you to join us on Tuesday 18th April at 7pm for our INSTA LIVE 

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