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Integrative Mind and Body Therapist Nicola Joins The Team

Integrative Mind and Body Therapist Nicola Joins The Team

Nicola, an Integrative Mind and Body Therapist, joins the team to offer Clinical Hypnotherapy to our clients.

Body Therapist Nicola Joins The Team

Wouldn’t it be great if your well-being could be improved in just one place, by one highly skilled therapist who understands that balance can be achieved when therapy is directed towards restoring both your physical and mental health?

We’d like to introduce you to Nicola Tarbuck.

Nicola is an Integrative Mind and Body Therapist, and we’re delighted to announce that she’ll be offering Clinical Hypnotherapy at the Spa from the beginning of February.

Many people are aware of the success that Hypnotherapy has with smoking cessation, weight management and phobia treatment but there are many other issues that can benefit from Hypnotherapy such as stress, anxiety, depression, performance anxiety, chronic pain, IBS, sleep disorders, tinnitus and many more. Hypnotherapy is completely natural and safe and when used by a professionally trained and skilled therapist the benefits are long lasting and often permanent.

Nicola will help you to:
● Identify what’s causing the problematic behaviours
● Recognise the triggers
● Find your motivation for change
● Explore new pathways of thinking
● Understand how stress is held in the body and how to release it
● Develop a mindful, consistent practice to overcome all challenges
● Realise achievable goals
● Learn techniques to relax, concentrate and improve focus
● Live a balanced life that gives you harmony, happiness and fulfilment

Nicola is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, Movement and Fitness Specialist, Pilates Teacher, Integrative Craniosacral BodyWorker, Reiki Teacher and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. She’s worked in the field of movement education, physical health and mental well-being for over 20 years, from Integrated Physiotherapy centres to Drug and Alcohol Addiction clinics. Nicola has worked with many musicians and performers; Gary Barlow, Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Bieber, The Take That Progress Tour, and is especially proud of her work with the Cirque Du Soleil physio team. Her wealth of experience as a teacher and therapist has helped 1000’s of people overcome a wide variety of physical and mental health challenges.

Nicola is committed to understanding how we can be the best version of ourselves.