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Body Ballancer Celebrity Favourite

Jenifer Aniston pictured in Body Ballancer compression trousers

Jennifer Aniston Posts Pic In Body Ballancer Suit

At RSA the body ballancer is a firm favourite with our clients.

It works brilliantly as a stand-alone treatment or in conjunction with many of our other body treatments including the Venus Legacy.

So we were delighted today to see that Jennifer Aniston and beauty guru and founder of the tweakments guide, Alice Hart Davis love it just as much as we do. (Read Alice's review in the Daily Mail

Jennifer was pictured this week on Instagram wearing her Body Ballancer compression trousers which help boost the lymphatic system, reduce cellulite and improve fluid retention. 

This treatment works amazingly for cosmetic concerns but we also have a lot of clients who use it to help medical conditions such as lymphodema.

Better still this month at RSA we are offering 50% off your first session which you can book below using the code BB50.

Read our article from the start of the month: The Interplay of Lymphatic and Gut Health and the Role of Body Ballancer

We also offer great course prices or even a monthly membership for unlimited use for those who want to make it a lifestyle thing...

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