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Judging at the 2019 Safety in Beauty Awards

Judging at the 2019 Safety in Beauty Awards

After our win last year, I was invited to join the judging panel of this years safety in beauty awards...

Park Lane Hilton hosts Safety in Beauty Awards

I am an award winner! I just thought you would like to know in case you didn’t already. In 2018 I was honestly flattered and honoured to have been nominated in two categories at the Safety in Beauty Awards, and I won (read here about my 2018 Safety in Beauty Award). I, and my team won the beauty business of the year and I am immensely proud of that fact. Due to my win, I was invited to join the judging panel of this years safety in beauty awards and I was honoured to do so.

Last Saturday at the Park Lane Hilton I attended the 2019 awards and watching all the new winners take their well-deserved awards and plaudits was a very special moment for me. Just as winning my own award showed that all the hard work does not go unrecognised and that my peers had judged me the best in my category, I could see the surprised faces of the new winners and their teams cheering and smiling in shock and excitement just as I had 12 months ago.

This area of work that I have dedicated 20 plus years to is always advancing and developing and can be highly competitive. But to see two hundred people in one place who all work in the same field all socialising and having fun, winners or not, was reassuring and affirming. I am proud to be an award winner, I am proud to have joined the judging panel and I am proud to see all the new winners this year.

This years event was organised and hosted, as every year, by the amazing Antonia Mariconda. Her dedication to safety within the beauty industry is inspirational and the event itself was incredibly well put together. The glitz and the glamour of the night was fantastic, Antonia’s efforts paid off once again and the party went on into the wee small hours.

It is an important thing to be recognised and appreciated for all the work you do, whether by your industry, your peers or your friends and family. I hope that all those that attended felt like the winners they are. I’m an award winner too, did I tell you?

Rachel x

(Photos by AJSPhotography.London)