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Let’s talk menopause...

Let’s talk menopause...

October is Menopause awareness month. So it’s time to get talking about this previously taboo subject.

Menopause awareness month

October is Menopause awareness month. So it’s time to get talking about this previously taboo subject. This is something I discuss regularly with clients ….. but not something people discuss openly.

Hormonal changes at whatever time of your life can be difficult in many ways and everyone is unique - no one case is identical.

This can prove to be a huge challenge to navigate.

With the majority of my clients being 45-65 I see first-hand on a regular basis the impact this has on ladies of a certain age. 

Whether they are peri, in the midst, or post, the ride is a rollercoaster for many.

We want to make sure that our clients get theirs questions answered and share experiences with others going through the same journey.

So throughout October, we will be running a series of articles, seminars and talks to help understand and manage this experience.

I will be starting next week with of course my favourite subject…. skin…

Understanding your skin during menopause, how to manage it and what you can do yourself at home to make sure it looks its very best despite the internal conflict.

Hormonal skincare is really a thing! And needs careful consideration. 

I am here to help……

We will also have guest speakers from the wellness field to help understand other factors that can be out of balance during this time.

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Menopausal Skin Concerns?

Menopause is more than just a hormonal transition; it impacts every aspect of your body, including your skin. At Rachel Staggs Aesthetics, we have 25 years experience in menopausal skin care, working closely with clients to create personal treatment plans for real results. Whether you're just noticing a bit of dry skin on your face, or tackling something like menopausal breakouts, this article is the perfect place to start to support your skin's health during this pivotal time!