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Product of the month October - WOW Mask

Product of the month October - WOW Mask

The last year has played havoc with most people’s skin. From maskne to overexposure of blue light from your screens! 

THE MASK by WOW facial

The last year has played havoc with most people’s skin. From maskne (acne caused by mask-wearing) to overexposure of the blue light from your screens! 

Read more about the damaging effects of this here: Are our phones damaging our skin?

With most people consuming too much sugar, alcohol and not getting enough fresh air, lockdown has seen many people arriving at our clinic in Chiswick West London presenting signs of dull, tired and prematurely aged skin.

One client claimed she felt she had aged 5 years in 6 months!

Not what any of us want!!!!

THE MASK by WOW facial helped many of our clients get through lockdown and at least keep a semi normal routine at home.

Traditionally this mask was only available during a professional treatment but because we love the effects so much, we wanted to share this with you and make it available for use at home.

THE MASK by WOW facial is a 4% hyaluronic acid hydrogel sheet mask loaded with stem cells and peptides which have a profound effect on the skin leaving it radiant and hydrated.

The mask is created using a unique technology called TCD (transdermal cosmetic delivery) whereby the active ingredients that sit on the mask are activated by the skin's temperature to aid their penetration power leaving the skin bouncier and looking bright and dewy.

It works well pre-party too and provides a perfect base for make-up and because of its cooling and calming effect, it is also great at reducing redness and rehydrating after a heavy night! Perfect event antidote.

The 4% hyaluronic acid strengthens the skin’s structure and prevents water loss so with regular use this mask helps to provide an anti-ageing effect.

The mask comes in two halves making it suitable for all face shapes and sizes and eye covers are included to rejuvenate this delicate area whilst reducing puffiness and plumping fine lines.

So, whether you want to try the mask by WOW facial at our clinic in Chiswick, West London as part of the incredible 6 step professional facial system or want to pamper your skin at home with a high-quality professional sheet mask - your skin really will WOW….. message us to book a complimentary skin consultation. 

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