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Skin Clinic - Maskney

Skin Clinic - Maskney

To kick this months skin clinic if we chose this question from Laura, 44 from West London about mask irritation.

Skin Congestion and Irritation

To kick this months skin clinic if we chose this question from Laura, 44 from West London about mask irritation.

Question: Since wearing a face mask I have developed congestion and irritation around my mouth and jawline - do you have any tips???


Maskney - it’s an actual thing now - Mask induced acne!!!! The lower part of our faces are often Oiler than the rest of our face and also very prone to hormonal breakouts. Wear a mask which creates a moist breeding ground for bacteria has seen many of our clients suffering from this problem.

Firstly I would recommend a good anti-bacterial face wash but at the same time nothing that is going to dry the skin out too much. AlumierMD has an incredible three-step system to help keep the skin clean and balance this currently very tricky area. We would recommend you clean your skin regularly with the purifying gel cleanser which is PH balanced to gently clean the skin and remove impurities and excess oil. It contains coconut, chamomile and aloe to soothes and hydrate leaving the skin fresh and supple. We would recommend you follow this by using the bright and clear solution which is a refreshing skin conditioning solution to refine the complexion. Lactic acid, salicylic acid and lime pearl gently exfoliate dead skin cells and Superox - C which is high in Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection from free radical damage.

Now for the treatment - Acne balancing serum is an advanced lightweight serum that penetrates pore to reduce breakouts allowing the skin to heal and prevents new pimples. Innovative technology means it slowly releases into the skin to minimize irritation while extending the effectiveness so will keep working to combat the problem even under that mask.

The other thing we would highly recommend is manual lymphatic drainage, a technique we use a lot in the clinic to help reduce underlying congestion, reduce inflammation and drain away the nasties. We often follow this with LED light therapy.

Hope this helps and if you want to find out more about any of these products, book an appointment or email us your skincare questions drop us a line.

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