Sorry We're Closed
20th March, 2020

Firstly we hope that you are staying safe in this incredibly difficult time. It is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that, as of Friday 20th March we will be closed until further notice. Although this is very hard I absolutely believe it is for the best.

With that said I have a commitment to myself, my team and of course you my clients to keep us all connected and motivated during these unprecedented times.

Thankfully after many years in the incredible health and wellness industry, I have made a lot of fantastic contacts. I have been talking with many of them to put together a schedule of online meetings with total experts in meditation, spiritual coaching, yoga pilates and much more. This is not a sales thing but a gesture to save our sanity!!!

We will also be doing online skin clinics, makeup tutorials and book clubs.

If any of you are interested in receiving the schedule please click on the link below to get it sent directly to you.

In the meantime - please stay safe and believe this has been sent to us for a reason and use it as a time to bring positive change.

With huge thanks and gratitude for your continued support.