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Summer Essentials Skincare Kit

Summer Essentials Skincare Kit

Lets talk about getting that summer skin glow!

How are we midway through the year? Although looking out of my window today it looks more like autumn, however, I will not let this stop me from talking about getting that summer skin glow!

How to treat damaged skin?

We have spoken recently about the importance of sunscreen and how to ensure you keep your skin protected at all times - but what about if the damage has already been done??

I think we can all think of a time where we have been caught out, where we haven’t looked after our skin as well as we know we should. This combined with the stresses and strains of life, hormones, diet and even overexposure to the blue light from your digital devices can leave our skin tone looking tired and dull.

Hyperpigmentation is a common complaint I see in the clinic all the time. The degree can vary but ultimately uneven pigment on the skin surface reduces radiance and leaves the skin complexion looking dull and often older than it should.

By stabilising the pigment and increasing luminosity, your skin will instantly appear healthier and younger-looking.

How do I make my skin look younger and healthier?

But how do I do this I hear you cry???

AlumierMD, the medical skincare brand we work with exclusively at my skincare clinic in Chiswick West London have launched the summer essentials skincare kit. This contains two of my favourite pigment stabilising and radiance-boosting products of all time. Eventone and EverActive C&E™.

These two powerful serums target uneven pigment within the skin and visibly reduce the signs of ageing. This supercharged kit will very quickly increase the skin’s brightness and luminosity making it a true must-have this summer.

What's included in the AlumierMD Summer Essentials Kit?

EverActive C&E™ + Peptide Serum - 15ml/Vitamin C 2.7g

A potent antioxidant serum with a unique delivery system to ensure the 15% L-ascorbic acid complex is always optimally active. The vitamin C crystals are kept separate in a unique cap and only mixed into the bottle of serum when you are ready to use it. Thus making sure your product is fresh, stable and at its most effective.

Directions - Apply 3 - 4 drops once daily in the morning after cleansing. Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté in an upward motion. Follow with specialty products and sunscreen.

EvenTone – 30ml

A lightweight serum containing potent skin-lightening agents to brighten the complexion and reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone. Hydroquinone-free.

Directions - Apply 1-2 pumps twice daily after cleansing and EverActive C&E™ + Peptide Serum AM and Retinol Resurfacing Serum PM. Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté in an upward motion. Follow with an AlumierMD sunscreen AM and moisturiser PM.


The effects this powerful duo have on your skin is quite something, and I would recommend anyone who needs a skin boost to try it. 


AlumierMD is only available to purchase through a qualified skincare expert, so If you are unsure what you need to maximise your at-home skincare routine we are available for virtual seasonal skincare assessments wherever you are in the country, or if you are based in and around London why not pop in to see us in our skin clinic in Chiswick, West London - where we have free parking and a friendly team to make your visit easy.

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