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The connection between menopause and skin

The connection between menopause and skin

October is menopause awareness month, and I have an avid interest in the connection between menopause and skin.

October is menopause awareness month.

And I have an avid interest in the connection between menopause and skin.
I get to see first-hand the impact this has on many women and work closely with my clients to do everything we can to ensure their skin has the best change during this turbulent period.
Hormonal fluctuations during peri-menopause and menopause unsettle the body and cause dramatic changes to the skin.
Did you know? Once you hit the initial stages of menopause the production of collagen is decreased by a whopping 30%.
This dramatic decline which is linked to the drop in Oestrogen levels leaves skin looking tired, lacking in lustre with the lines and wrinkles appearing at a much faster rate.
Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the human body and is the structure that holds everything together.
Type 1 collagen makes up 90% of the body’s collagen and is most prevalent in the skin.
Once the skin loses its structure the plump, youthful appearance it once had can dramatically change how we look and feel about ourselves.
There are many things we can do to help restore the skin's function and it is our job to deal with each client individually.
We have developed menopause packages to help guide you through this time and ensure you look and feel your very best.
Working on yourself inside and out provides the perfect approach to getting the best results.
I suggest you start by increasing your water - keeping hydrated is more important now than ever.
Meditating helps reduce your adrenaline and cortisol levels, which are stress hormones that add to the mix and create a recipe for disaster!
Andre Berry is the best meditation teacher I have found and learning to meditate properly is a skill everyone should have.
Read Andre Berry's: Benefits of Practising Transcendental Meditation

Menopausal Skin Concerns?

Menopause is more than just a hormonal transition; it impacts every aspect of your body, including your skin. At Rachel Staggs Aesthetics, we have 25 years experience in menopausal skin care, working closely with clients to create personal treatment plans for real results. Whether you're just noticing a bit of dry skin on your face, or tackling something like menopausal breakouts, this article is the perfect place to start to support your skin's health during this pivotal time!