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Transcendental Meditation Retreats 2020

Transcendental Meditation Retreats 2020

January is the time where we are busy making resolutions to improve aspects of our lives - two years ago this was me.

Transcendental Meditation

There had to be something that was going to help me unwind and switch off and regain balance in my life.

Within the space of a few days, I heard about transcendental meditation from various different sources so I started to explore this as it could not be a coincidence.

TM is an ancient Vedic tradition that has been practised over thousands of years.

During meditation our prefrontal cortex is stimulated and as a consequence neurophysiological connections improve and alpha brainwaves become more efficient.

These changes help us to think more clearly, improve memory, ignore distractions and increase positivity.

TM helps to improve overall brain function and improve sleep quality.

I decided to learn this technique and the results were astounding.

So much so that people were asking me what I had done as my overall energy was much calmer and I looked and felt so much better this radiated.

As a result, I set up 3 retreats last year to enable clients to learn and get the benefits from this amazing life-changing technique. As part of a luxury retreat including exercise classes, yoga, treatments and an amazing detox menu inspired by celebrity nutritionist Amelia Freer we were able to help clients achieve the skill of TM.

We have 3 dates for this year so please do contact us for more details and this year's itinerary including some amazing new therapies.

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