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Treatment of the Month January: Microneedling

Treatment of the Month January: Microneedling

According to reports, there has been a 120% increase in bookings for microneedling versus pre-pandemic figures.

Microneedling, who and what is not for??

In the past few months the demand for microneedling has increased dramatically. According to reports, there has been a 120% increase in bookings for these services verses pre-pandemic figures.

We have offered micro needling for a very long time now and get incredible results on lots of different skin conditions.

There are several ways this can be done - either using a skin pen or similar device, manually or with a machine but ultimately creating a controlled trauma to the skin at different levels can have a profound result.

As with any advanced skincare procedure please please do your research, make sure your practitioner is qualified, using a reputable device and following all necessary safety guidelines surrounding this type of treatment. Breaking the skin at any level can lead to complications if the necessary protocols are followed.

What is microneedling??

Microneedling is a process that can be used on the face and/or body to target different skin concerns including - tightening loose skin tissue, reducing open pores, softening acne scarring and repairing the effects of sun damage.

The procedure involves using fine, sterile needles varying in length to create a controlled trauma to the surface of the skin tissue. These perforations kick the skins natural healing process into gear and induce collagen to repair damaged and lax skin tissue.

What are the benefits of micro needling?

By creating micro-injuries to the skin you stimulate the skins ability to repair its self encouraging a faster cell turnover.  The micro-channels that occur as a result of the process mean that active ingredients applied to the skin also have a better absorption rate allowing vital ingredients to reach the deeper layers rather than sitting superficially on the skin's surface.

Who is microneedling for?

Following a detailed consultation microneedling can be used on most people. It is a less aggressive treatment than most chemical peels and lasers resulting in less downtime overall.

Although micro needling is relatively safe if carried out by an experienced practitioner there are some contraindications including pregnancy, active acne, those on blood thinning medication and those with a predisposition to keloid scarring. Please always consult a professional before undertaking this procedure.

Which treatments can be used in conjunction with skin needling?

Light Emitting Diode (LED) - LED is proven to stimulate cellular activity depending on the nanometers used and will enhance the effect of the needling treatment. The Red LED light (620-750nm) post needling can increase the fibroblastic activity by 200% for 24 hours post-treatment, resulting in faster healing and luminosity of the skin tissue.

Chemical Peels - Prepping the skin with a light chemical peel pre-treatment can enhance the benefits of skin needling especially when treating acne and pigmentation.

Radiofrequency - Can be used prior to microneedling as RF uses heat to stimulate skin tightening and combined together deliver a superior skin tightening result.

At RSA we use the best technologies to carry out all our treatments including the Venus Legacy for radio frequency delivery and mesoesthetic products for chemical peeling.

If you have any questions regarding any of the content on our blog posts we are always available for virtual consultations to answer any questions you have. Education is paramount in our skincare - let us educate you.