Treatment of the Month - WOW Fusion (Mini WOW Facial)
1st December, 2020

The WOW Fusion is an innovative needling device that allows us to create bespoke skincare cocktails in the glass vial to provide truly personally tailored treatments.

The Fusion device contains 20 titanium needles each being as fine as an individual hair, making it precise and accurate. They make a small localised trauma to the skin surface without the pain. They are also tapered on the end of the needle to allow the high-quality skin cocktail to flow down and into the epidermal/dermal junction.

The WOW Fusion promotes skin health and gives you an incredible glow. You get the benefit of micro-needling with the addition of mesotherapy. The micro-needling helps stimulate collagen and elastin for a more youthful-looking skin and the WOW fusion cocktails hydrate, brighten, stimulate and improve the texture and tone of the skin. The results are accumulative and last over 3 months from one treatment.

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