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Tried & Tested: LumiSpa

Tried & Tested: LumiSpa

I tried some innovative at home devices to support my regular treatments and product plan.

Tried and tested award-winning at-home skincare: LumiSpa

Being the skincare geek I am, when I was approached by a colleague to try some innovative at-home devices to support my regular treatments and product plan I was delighted. I researched the award-winning brand and liked what I initially saw so decided to give it a go.

Extensive independent clinical trials and 75 in house scientists were part of the attraction for me - I love a product with proven results and this seemed to deliver on that side.

Now to try the Lumi spa for myself.

With claims to deliver multiple benefits including

  • 37% smoother and softer nu skin after just 1 use
  • Clearer and cleaner skin within 6 weeks
  • 62% Visibly refreshed and radiant skin within 12 weeks

(The claims above were obtained from an independent third party)

The device has won number 1 at home skincare device for several years in a row and features a patented two sense motion and frequency to gently massage the skin whilst cleansing, exfoliating and brightening. There is an activating cleanser specific to your skin that must be used each time.

The silicone heads are uniquely designed to gently maintain optimal contact with the skin and are much more hygienic than the bristle heads commonly found on the market.

When I received the package firstly I was impressed by the quality of the handset itself - it is cordless and waterproof making it quick and easy in the shower, it was beautifully packaged, felt sturdy and good quality with a cradle to charge it directly from the mains.

On using the handset it was lightweight and easy to manoeuvre around the contours of my face. The silicone heads made it a pleasant experience and at the same time effective. I loved the massage sensation and the recommended two minutes almost felt too short as it was actually quite relaxing.

Immediately after I looked in the mirror and could instantly see a glow to my skin - it looked and felt incredibly clean - more so than my usual quick cleanse with my hands.

My skin felt very slightly warm.

I continued to use it for 7 days and closely monitored my skin. I did notice a few breakouts initially but the purge I understand to be a good thing as an intensive deep cleansing action would cause this to happen. The other thing I noticed was a reduction in the fluid that I often get on my face.

Those of you who follow my blogs will know what an advocate I am for the benefits of facial massage to increase lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the skin both of which have huge benefits on a regular basis.

Professional facial massage is incredible and will leave your face looking less puffy and more relaxed but to do it on yourself at home is a bit of a task (and I do it for a living) this really made massaging the face easy and delivered a great result.

I will definitely continue to use this, even my husband and my “almost” teen daughter have started enjoying the benefits.

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