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Unveiling the benefits of Infrared Saunas & the MiHigh Sauna Blanket:

Unveiling the benefits of Infrared Saunas & the MiHigh Sauna Blanket:

A Journey of Warmth and Wellness

Delving into the Cozy Realm of Infrared Saunas

When the weather gets colder I always enjoy a trip to the spa to indulge in benefits that you can get from a good sauna and steam.

So when someone told me I could get the same effects from using an infrared sauna blanket at home I had to give it a try......

In the world of saunas, infrared ones are a unique breed. Instead of heating the air around you, they use infrared lamps to directly warm your body. This innovative approach means you can enjoy a profound sweat at a more manageable temperature, perfect for those who find traditional saunas a bit overwhelming.

Infrared saunas penetrate human tissue, heating your body first rather than the surrounding air. They operate at a cooler range of 120˚F to 140˚F, as opposed to the 150˚F to 180˚F in conventional saunas.

What’s in Store for You with an Infrared Sauna?

The perks of infrared saunas span from relaxation to physical well-being:

  • Enhanced sleep quality

  • Detoxification and potential weight management

  • Relief for sore muscles and joint discomfort and post exercise recovery.

  • Better skin clarity, health and circulation.

  • Support for those with chronic fatigue syndrome

While research is evolving, early studies indicate potential for muscle recovery and blood pressure improvement.

Maximising Your Infrared Sauna Experience

 To get the full benefits: 

  1. Hydration is Key: Drink water before and during your session.

  2. Finding Your Temperature Sweet Spot: Start at a lower temperature and increase gradually.

  3. Time It Right: Begin with shorter sessions, increasing up to 20-30 minutes.

  4. Dress Comfortably: Choose what feels right for you, from swimwear to nothing at all.

  5. In-Sauna Activities: Relaxation is the goal, be it through reading, meditating, or just unwinding.

  6. Post-Sauna Ritual: Allow your body to cool down naturally and keep up with your hydration.

A Word of Caution

Remember to avoid alcohol before sauna use, stay clear if unwell, and consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.

MiHigh Sauna Blanket: Bringing Infrared Therapy Home

The MiHigh Sauna Blanket takes the infrared experience into your living room. It uses infrared heating to offer a similar experience to a full sauna but in a more personal, compact form.


Key Benefits:

  • Aids in muscle recovery and promotes clearer skin.

  • Contributes to better sleep.

  • Encourages relaxation and stress reduction.

Using the MiHigh:

Simply roll it out, heat it up, and then relax inside for 30-60 minutes.

Cleaning is straightforward – a quick wipe-down is all it takes.

MiHigh: Not Just Another Product

While the MiHigh blanket is indeed innovative, it's more than just a product. It represents a new way to approach relaxation and wellness at home, without coming off as a sales pitch. It's about offering an alternative, a choice for those seeking the benefits of infrared therapy in the comfort of their own space.

Bridging the Gap: Infrared Saunas vs. MiHigh Sauna Blanket

Infrared Saunas:

  • Provide a more social and spacious setting.

  • Ideal for those seeking a traditional sauna experience.

  • Require a dedicated space or a visit to a spa or club.

MiHigh Blanket:

  • A compact, convenient option for home use.

  • Personalised control over temperature and duration.

  • A focused approach to infrared heat exposure.

Both options bring their unique charm to the table, catering to different preferences and lifestyles. Whether it's the communal warmth of an infrared sauna or the personal comfort of the MiHigh blanket, the choice is yours to make. Remember, these methods are about enhancing well-being and relaxation; they're not medical treatments. Listen to your body and seek professional advice as needed.

Embrace the soothing journey of infrared wellness, tailored to your preferences and lifestyle. Here's to finding your perfect match in the world of warmth and wellness! Stay cozy this winter.

Does the MiHigh Sauna Blanket Sound like the Perfect Treat?

Bring Wellness to your Home by Using the MiHigh Infrared Sauna Blanket

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