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What if I told you, you could detox your emotions?

What if I told you, you could detox your emotions?

We have all at some point undertaken some sort of detox - but what if someone suggested an emotional detox?

What if someone told you you could detox your emotions?

We have all at some point undertaken some sort of detox - whether that was food, drink, technology - but what if someone suggested an emotional detox?

i think it is safe to say that at some point we have all hit a wall where past experiences, current situations or just generally not knowing where you are going or how to get where you want to have stopped us in our tracks.

About 5 years ago I was there - I had a small child, I was running a business and simply felt like I was just existing in a very very chaotic bubble.

I was juggling being a parent for the first time - and looking back was probably suffering from a bit of postnatal depression, running a business and definitely battling with some very dark demons.

When aimlessly wandering through Richmond one day I bumped into a client - that client was Michelle Zelli - it turns out that Michelle was life coach extraordinaire! She read me straight away.

I felt like I was treading water constantly, trying to spin plates and that day, in particular, I felt like I was drowning so decided I would make an appointment to give this “life coaching” thing a go.

I arrived at Michelle’s with demons deep in my pocket feeling like I was not doing anything to the best of my ability or achieving anything to my full potential………….from day 1 Michelle got me, she saw straight through my pretence. She was like magic, like having your very own fairy godmother!

That day I embarked on one of the most difficult but yet transformative journeys imaginable.

When my Michelle suggested the EDI (Emotional Detox Intensive) programme - a 2-day immersion course to get to the core of unhealthy patterns I had run for years, I nearly freaked - the thought of being in a situation resulting in me divulging my darkest secrets to a group of strangers just simply was not going to happen. I left that day feeling disheartened.

Anyway - I didn’t need therapy, I was fine, I functioned, I could change my life myself. Couldn’t I?

Over the next few days I thought long and hard about what Michelle had told me about EDi - being part of a carefully selected group of similar people was part of the process - watching someone else run your patterns made the whole programme more effective.

I went over what had bought me to Michelle in the first place - my lack of self-worth, my chaotic behaviour, my toxic relationships - I had to do something this couldn’t carry on.

One more conversation with my fairy godmother, who as I said early has the ability to see through me and above all else taught me how to speak my truth, and I made the commitment to go ahead with my EDI journey and I am so pleased I did.

So What is EDI?

I can tell you that it is a process that was born out of Michelle's own personal disillusionment of therapy - having lived a traumatic and colourful life herself she had spent many years searching for the answer only to be constantly disappointed by the results she got.

Michelle studied Pia Melody's method of therapy which at The Meadows in Arizona was getting the best success rate of any therapy out there.

Unlike traditional therapy, EDI is unique. It is completely bespoke. It is a mix of therapy and coaching with a specific goal in mind. Goal Focused Therapeutic coaching.

Being part of a very carefully selected group of 3 people (which as I said earlier was my biggest fear) ACTUALLY made the whole process so much easier. Watching my patterns in others was remarkable, showing compassion to others where I could not show compassion to myself for the same things was a huge learning curve, and taught me to respect and love myself more.

I was truly amazed by how safe, secure and understood I felt throughout the entire 2 days.

Michelle and her partner Chris are magical.

I cried a lot and laughed a lot and then cried some more. I went through more emotions in that 48 hours than I ever dreamed possible but it changed me, it changed me more than I can tell you.

Following EDI I pledged to commit to a 14 day check in. This gave me access to Michelle 24/7 - I checked in every day for daily coaching and mindfulness which was just as big a part of the process as the 2 day immersion and definitely not something that is available with any other therapy on the market. The daily check in is a massive part of breaking those old patterns and instilling the new ones.

Thanks to Michelle and Chris and the EDI process I understand myself, my patterns and certainly how to deal with them.

If you want your own fairy godmother to help you make changes - in the words of Michelle………...

Put your big girl/boy pants on and do it.

Because if you think how you have always thought you will get what you always had. Time to change that thinking….

R xx