Why everyone is talking about Plasma Elite?
3rd January, 2018
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January can be a very motivating month or you can feel pretty tired and fatigued from Christmas?!

New Year New You I say...anti-ageing treatments have been around for many years and you name it I have trained/worked alongside them, Plasma Elite came to my attention a while ago I was approached to try the Brand out, then my Love for Plasma Elite grew... I now offer training for Plasma Elite for local beauty businesses and beauty therapists wanting to learn about this fantastic treatment to then go ahead and carry out plasma elite on their clients, alongside treating clients including celebrity clients at my salon over in Richmond Hill.

Plasma Elite is run by Fran Hayter MD with over 40 years in the beauty industry, this is a Non-surgical treatment targeting.. fine lines wrinkles e.g smokers lines, skin lesions, facelifts and neck lifts acne scarring and age spots. It is also great for brightening the skin! the Plasma Elite handpiece provides a non-invasive alternative to traditional surgical skin tightening procedures giving minimal disruption to the client but giving incredible results, the treatments quick and easy tightens firms and improves the elasticity to the skin (contact our salon for prices).

I feel its a must-have treatment for 2018 for any of the above concerns you have with your skin, Plasma Elite is the only treatment that can be used on the eye area, so no need to think about going under the knife now Plasma Elite is here!

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Rachel x